Shopping for a new office chair and without being able to try anything, it’s a bit difficult. Considering something from Steelcase, like the Leap, Think, or Gesture.

Vintage pens write so beautifully. This is inked with Waterman Inspired Blue, and it is a great combo.

New dishwasher is installed. Only took 2 evenings, and 3 trips to the hardware store. Dishwasher & stove each have a dedicated circuit, counter is level and properly supported, and under sink cabinet is actually useable now.

Getting ready to install our new dishwasher and this is the manual. Guess I have to wing it instead of following the instructions.

There is a bike trail here somewhere. First bike ride of 2021, felt great to get out, could have used studded tires in spots. I think I’ll be feeling it in the morning.

Fresh coat of furniture wax on the rolltop desk. I love sitting down to write letters or journal at this desk.

Trying to figure out why Apple would have a Mac Mini ring for FaceTime calls since Apple doesn’t sell a display with a built in camera, or a stand alone camera.

COVID-19 vaccine acquired today! We are both beyond thrilled. Looking forward to family time, dinners, and game nights again.

Think I’m going to be upgrading to 1Password Families soon. Really not a fan of software as a subscription. I’d rather pay for an app to use for as long as I want, when and where I want to use it.

Time to find a replacement for Dropbox. I no longer have access to my 1Password data on my work machine because I have a new domain account, and since I’m on the free Dropbox tier, I can’t connect it.

It’s a few days old, and I have managed to write a couple of these empty, it my currently inked fountain pens at the moment.

Shiny new parts on the Moonlander. A new clutched GX derailleur to replace a practically seized G5 derailleur that came with the bike. Many miles, and all the conditions on a 2012 bike, surprised it lasted as long as it did. Looking forward to getting out on the bike soon.

February is InCoWriMo month, the goal is to write a letter a day for the entire month. 28 letters, or 29 if a leap year. I managed 30 letters, which is really good. Had a lot of fun this year, and my letter reply pile has grown.

Time to start a new notebook, which starts with stickering up the cover. Old on the left, new one on the right.

Moose was very excited to get his bone to chew on.

Sometimes we want to relax on the couch. Moose often has other plans about that.

The D&D 5e library grows! Added 5 new books this holiday season.

Picked up some new Robert Oster fountain pen inks. Motor Oil, Grey Seas, and Citrus.

Very productive during the little one’s nap time. Made a batch of rhuberry strawbarb jam, and a batch of peach jam.

I’d tell you a joke about time travel, but you didn’t like it.

I recently finished reading Patrick Rothfuss’s book, ‘The Name of the Wind.’ It was one of the best fantasy books I’ve ever read. I couldn’t put it down, it has been a while since I’ve been drawn into a book as hard as I did with this.

Made a gingerbread house for the first time in forever. Next time we’re making our own gingerbread so it’s actually edible when it’s done.

Watching the original Thomas and Friends show, shot with the model train layout. It is weird to hear a children’s show narrated by George Carlin.

Before March, I’d drink a pound of coffee at home in a month. Post March, it’s a pound in two weeks.