Our gardens are doing fantastic.

Not sure why I’m getting this on my iPhone. I’m not part of Apple Music/Match/etc. This is music that was transferred to my iPhone from my computer. I’ve found a couple albums like this now and I’m not happy about seeing this.

The gardens are doing well. We harvested some spinach and lettuces for dinner tonight.

I’ve been working on cleaning and organizing the garage lately. A few weekends ago I build shelves and a tire rack for the snow tires. Today I got the workbench set. When you have a gravel floor, and you’re really tall, you elevate your workbench.

It’s never easy saying goodbye.

Garden bed filled, fresh topsoil was delivered on Saturday. Ventured out to a couple nurseries today and picked up some plants to fill it with. Hopefully I can build another this week.

The baby has been saying “mama” but now she’s dropping “F”s. Only 7 months old, and she’s already started.

A very productive weekend. Built one raised garden bed, wanted to do two, but I mathed real good and only got enough lumber for one. Need to get dirt for it still though. Looking forward to having fresh veggies this summer.

Another grocery run today. I think the biggest thing I’m looking forward to is having normal grocery trips, coming home and just putting stuff the fuck away. This is so mentally draining right now.