Disney+ Flaws

After using Disney+ for over a year now, I’m pretty sure whoever okayed some of the UI decisions has never used Netflix. There is no easy way to continue to the next episode before credits finish, and it drops out of full screen when you do start the next episode. This alone is super annoying when using a computer as your media device.

Plus there isn’t an option to go back to the main Disney+ menu once a series or movie finishes. A couple very simple things would make the experience so much better.

It only took 4 months on what was supposed to be a quick refresh. Ceiling is painted, walls are primed. New light fixtures are installed.

Picked up an Arduino project kit. I’m really looking forward to tinkering and learning with this. No real project plans yet.

Slowly making progress. Should be able to get primer on the walls this weekend, then strip some paint off the woodwork. After that is paint, flooring and final finish work.

I don’t get this very often, but such an enjoyment when I do. 🍺

I’ve moved from Dark Sky to iOS 15’s Weather. Everything is pretty great, except for the notification sounds for weather alerts. Why does it use the same ding as a new voicemail? Who okayed that?

Original door back in its doorway. Need to adjust the frame a bit, but vertically the spacing is good.

Framework laptop, or some configuration of the new M1 MacBook Pros? Some of the decisions I’ll need to make in the near future.

Currently reading: Making Embedded Systems by Elecia White 📚

Our house smells amazing right now.

We got some reinforcement along the creek bank this morning. Nice to see the equipment coming across the field.

Moderna booster last night. So far just a super sore arm, and slight headache.

New pen day! First fountain pen purchase of 2021. 🖋

Tankless water heaters are less of an issue when they start leaking, but still a pain. Hope we can get this fixed quickly.

Going through photos from vacation and this is one of my favorites.

So happy I finished this project. I’m going to need a lot more Skittles though.

Moose’s compass points to food.

Really hope to get some more board games into rotation. We haven’t had much in the table lately.

I need to get out for a bike ride soon. I miss being on two wheels.

This little animal let us get pretty close before he ran up the tree further.

This legend is gathering dust.

Moose’s hygge sometimes is invaded by the cats. Or worse, the humans take over.

A simple bridge at the end of a lake.

It only took a year or more, but my Skittles will have a safe place now. So thrilled with how the gumball machine turned out.