New dice day, just in time for our D&D session on Sunday.

I was planning on writing a letter last night, but Pearl has other ideas.

New currently inked layout. The stamp is from Aileen Smith, and is one of a few I picked up.

I’ve never done this before, and it was a bit strange but we bought the same car twice. Our old car, 2017 Outback on the left was a lease, we turned it in for a 2017 Outback in a different color. Both models are the Premium trim, but our new one has all the options available for a Premium trim, so it was a nice upgrade.

Today’s fountain pen carry.

I hate that used Subarus hold their value so well. Want a 2 year old used Subaru with 20k miles? Oh, well for $10 more you can have this brand new one instead.

Baby neck is much worse than cell phone neck.

Time to update the currently inked list. Inked up a pile of pens this evening. #fountainpens

Started decorating the tree this morning. We didn’t get very far. #Newbornlife

Went out for our Christmas tree today. Not the easiest thing with a 7 week old baby, but we all survived. Normally we take at least a full loop of the farm to figure out which tree, but this one looked pretty good even with a pile of snow on the branches. It looks great in the living room!