We got some reinforcement along the creek bank this morning. Nice to see the equipment coming across the field.

Moderna booster last night. So far just a super sore arm, and slight headache.

New pen day! First fountain pen purchase of 2021. 🖋

Tankless water heaters are less of an issue when they start leaking, but still a pain. Hope we can get this fixed quickly.

Going through photos from vacation and this is one of my favorites.

So happy I finished this project. I’m going to need a lot more Skittles though.

Moose’s compass points to food.

Really hope to get some more board games into rotation. We haven’t had much in the table lately.

I need to get out for a bike ride soon. I miss being on two wheels.

This little animal let us get pretty close before he ran up the tree further.

This legend is gathering dust.

Moose’s hygge sometimes is invaded by the cats. Or worse, the humans take over.

A simple bridge at the end of a lake.

It only took a year or more, but my Skittles will have a safe place now. So thrilled with how the gumball machine turned out.

Twilight in the Adirondacks.

Spice, and now I want Greek.

Head out into the wilderness far enough and the streets turn to dirt.

I don’t have many toys on my desk currently, but this one always makes me smile.

Day 4: Sharp

Hard to get a sharp photo of otters that are constantly on the move.

Day 3: Majority.

I’d be ok spending the majority of my life in the Adirondacks.

Day 2: Dark.

Touch: someone is very happy we are home.

Fantastic sunset to sunset our vacation. Heading back home tomorrow.

Went to the Wild Center in Tupper Lake yesterday. This was the “Stickworks.” It’s a large structure with rooms, doors, and windows all made from woven sticks.