Yesterday I switched the layout on my Planck keyboard from Qwerty to Norman. I tested at 9 WPM initially. Now I’m already up to about 20 WPM. Slowly learning the mew key positions, but years of muscle memory is hard to overcome.

New keyboard, a Planck EZ. Now I get to learn how to type all over again.

Finished reading: Blade Breaker by Victoria Aveyard 📚

Really enjoyed this one. A nice continuation of Realm Breaker. I’m looking forward to finishing the trilogy once the final book is written.

I suspect we have about a weeks worth of work left on the creek project.

I’ve been interested in an Apple Watch. And now the Ultra May finally pull me in, with a Sapphire crystal I don’t have to worry about turning it into an unreadable expensive electronic device.

This has been a good summer for jam making. I’ve made a batch of strawberry rhubarb, peach, and two batches of blueberry lemon. Pantry is looking nice. Might be able to make a couple more still.

Made a batch of peach jam this morning. Love the freedoms with the new job.

Picked up Parks to add to our board game collection. Played it with a friend a few months ago and it was really good.

Submodules. What a pile of hot donkey shit. I think this is what I hate most about Git.

I picked up a macropad to create macros for command line stuff I’m entering all the time all day. I love the new Macropad, but I’m limited to 16 macros with the Via software, and it’s a 4 layer pad. Need to figure out how to flash QMK.

Debugging and testing new code often requires multiple devices.

It’s the cat days of summer apparently.

Visited Root Glen at Hamilton College this morning before it got too hot. It was a beautiful family outing. Now to hibernate in the a/c for the afternoon.

It’s a ton of fun watching the creek project progress.

The crew working on the creak project were busy yesterday. They moved a lot of dirt.

Finally got a chance to clean out some empty fountain pens. Some of them have been sitting for over a month now. 🖋

A very welcome sight this morning. Equipment has arrived and work on the creek relocation project has started. A year and two weeks since the bank washed away and collapsed behind our garage.

Currently reading: Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout 📚

We are now 4. Mom and baby are both doing very well. I think #2 will be more giant than #1. The lack of sleep in the newborn stage still sucks. Hard to believe it’s been a week already.

I’ve been an Alfred App user since they first launched. I just set up my first Snippets today, for git, and why haven’t I looked at this before? It is super useful.

Double batch of strawberry rhubarb jam. Our kitchen smells amazing right now.

It’s a great time for the internet. Not so great for the banks that are stuck on 1998 technology.

Finally caught this guy after it was teasing us for quite some time. Glad it’s not in our backyard anymore.

Good mail day! Thanks @jean.

Stage Manager might be my favorite new MacOS feature. #WWDC2022