I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time now, but I’ve started a new page, The Remodel. I plan to update it with photos, and details about the 3+ year remodel that we’ve done on our 1892 Victorian house.

Sometimes you crave a really dark stout. Today feels like one of those days. Heavy Boots of Lead is pretty good, not sure it’s quite worth the price I paid for it, and at that price it will not hit my fridge again.


In the effort to free myself from “free” services, I’ve started to consolidate and delete some of the things I’ve been using around the internet. The most recent one is Wishlistr, I used it to provide a wishlist of items to family. I’ve since moved my wishlist to a page hosted here via Micro.blog, which is a much nicer option for people to follow links.

Wishlistr, since it is a “free” service injects ads in the urls you save. So when someone clicks the link to check out the item you’ve saved, they get fed to an ad server before redirecting to the url they actually should be going to.

It snowed.

Current conditions: white-out. 3-6 inches of snow expected overnight, with snowfall rates up to 1in an hour.

I’ve never done something like this before, but I got some new fountain pen friendly paper to try out, and was told it was better for art than writing. So I dumped some samples on the page and went to town. I used a letter opener to spread the ink around, and this is what happened.

The car is in the garage. For the first winter storm of the season, we got the car in the garage. In the 5 years we’ve owned the house, the car has only been in the garage once, and never this time of year. I’m looking forward to not having to clean it off in the morning.

Today’s fountain pen carry.🖋

We are under a winter storm watch, from Monday evening through Tuesday morning. Possibilities of heavy snow with snow fall from 5-9 inches. This will be the season’s first heavy snow if it comes, and I’ll most likely need to get up early on Tuesday to clean out the driveway.

Just spent 20 minutes taking apart the vacuum trying to figure out why the roller wasn’t working. After taking the roller bit all apart, I figured out the issue was actually the roller cutoff switch in the handle. At least I got to clean all the strings and crap off the roller.