Took Moose down to the local baseball field. It’s all fenced in so he can run to his heart’s content. We don’t do this often, but the sidewalks are all ice so this was much safer.

I must be doing something right if the baby can go from listening to Black Sabbath, to AC/DC, to In Flames and be happy and smiling.

I found out why Apple doesn’t replace keyboards in retina MacBook Pros. Because they designed it with rivets instead of screws.

Apple’s independent repair thing is a hot pile of shit. I repair 10-20 Apple devices a year locally, and would love to get OEM parts, but apparently I’d have to open a commercial business, and send Apple all my customer’s info, and not repair non-Apple devices.

The first big blizzard of 2020, 12-19 inches of snow is expected, with snowfall rates up to 2inches an hour. We already have around 10 inches of snow on the ground so far this morning.

Out to sea from one of the many lighthouses that surround Portland Harbor, Maine.

Sometimes orange fountain pen inks will get spots of crusties on your nibs. Krishna Jungle Volcano is one of those inks. 🖋

Moose wants to be on the couch, but knows if he touches Captain, he’ll probably end up getting smashed in the face by an angry cat paw.

Moose causes quite the sight when he decides to flop over and roll around in the snow when we are out for a walk.

Letter #1 for InCoWriMo written. Used my Karas Ink, with Krishna Jungle Volcano.