New pen day! A Karas Vertex, in one of their limited edition material runs. I’ve been looking forward to trying this out and snagged it in a semi local trade. Inked it up with Pelikan Edelstein Mandarin. 🖋

There is certainly a wonderful snowy white Christmas feel in town.

Moose decided he needed to take a break half way through our walk. He proceeded to spend that time eating snow and rolling around like a doofus. 🐶

I think What the Golf might be the greatest game on Apple Arcade. But it isn’t worth $5/month, wish there was an option to buy Apple Arcade games without the subscription.

Signed up for the free month of Apple Arcade. I’ve been playing Guildlings most of the day, it is a pretty fun game.

But either I’ve crashed it or the game just ends abruptly. I’ve completed the trials, and now nothing works, it’s like the gameplay has frozen.

Such a handsome puppy. 🐶

New notebook day. Finished up my Hippo Noto last night. 🖋

I’ve finally figured out what has been happening when I’m backing the car into the garage. We’ve only had room in the garage for the past month or so, but every time I have to adjust the car a couple times to get it in right.

Turns out the driveway isn’t square to the garage.

Got the notification to add the last 9 months of the free Nintendo Switch Online from the Amazon/Twitch thing. Unfortunately, I haven’t been using my Switch a whole lot lately, the new baby has been taking my attention instead. Not that I’m complaining.

You know when your mom told you not to do something because your face was going to freeze like that? I guess Muenster didn’t get told that.