So much for Google Docs being editable anywhere on any device. I can no longer edit from the browser on iOS, even if I click Use Desktop Browser. They want me to download the app to edit.

Pulled off all the no-coin locks on the gumball mechanism. It feels like it should, heavy initial spin, then free spin. Won’t need a jar of nickels next to it now.

Komet Gumball Mechanism

Took apart the gumball machine to start cleaning it. Interesting mechanism. The piece on the right prevents back spinning, and both the left pieces engage if you try to spin without a coin. Plus a 3rd no-coin lock when its all out together. Seems pretty complicated for a nickel machine.

Our first harvest of peppers out of the garden.

Got a nickel gum ball machine. Need to clean it up, refresh it, not sure on colors yet, and fill it with skittles. I can adjust it so it will dispense a handful of skittles at a time.

Our gardens are doing fantastic.

Not sure why I’m getting this on my iPhone. I’m not part of Apple Music/Match/etc. This is music that was transferred to my iPhone from my computer. I’ve found a couple albums like this now and I’m not happy about seeing this.

The gardens are doing well. We harvested some spinach and lettuces for dinner tonight.

I’ve been working on cleaning and organizing the garage lately. A few weekends ago I build shelves and a tire rack for the snow tires. Today I got the workbench set. When you have a gravel floor, and you’re really tall, you elevate your workbench.

It’s never easy saying goodbye.