April snows.

Currently reading: The Department of Rare Books and Special Collections by Eva Jurczyk 📚

I’ve been using this Ducky One 2 Mini mechanical keyboard on a Windows device for so long, I keep hitting the wrong shortcuts now that its plugged into a Mac.

I’ve wanted some succulents for a while now, finally got a pair. Would love some for my office too, but need to fix and reconfigure so they aren’t where a troublesome cat can’t reach them.

Last Friday of corporate life. Only 4 days remain.

Career change started today. Sent in my notice of resignation with my current job. I’ll be moving from Business ERP implementation to embedded software development. Looking forward to getting back to coding, and the significant pay increase certainly helps.

Gadgets. An ESP32 development board.

Universal Control reminds me of the old Teleport preference pane from the mid-2000s. I used that a ton with my G4 iBook and iSight iMac.

New pen day! A Kasama Una, with a medium architect nib and inked up with Waterman Inspired Blue. 🖋

Paint removal is slow but progress! Before and after.

Installed Karabiner-Elements to set Caps-Lock + IJKL to arrow keys on my new MacBook Pro. After using those as default arrow keys with a 60% keyboard for the past 2 years, it’s a welcome addition to when I don’t have a keyboard plugged in.

It’s been 8 years but we’ve finally got this back on the wall.

A pretty cool surprise on the bottom of a liquor bottle.

I don’t understand how in 2022, and Apple still doesn’t have a middle click/tap option for trackpads. Picked up Middle to fix that.

I picked up a 14in M1 MacBook Pro, to replace my cooked 2011 15in MBP. What a performance jump! This thing is super quiet, battery lasts literally for days, and performance is stunning.

One of the previous owners of our house were monsters and painted over this beautiful door. So glad we are returning the original beauty to this house.

Order placed for a 14in M1 10-core MacBook Pro. Looking forward to trying out Apple silicon.

Renewed my domain today, so you’re stuck with me for another year at least.

Disney+ Flaws

After using Disney+ for over a year now, I’m pretty sure whoever okayed some of the UI decisions has never used Netflix. There is no easy way to continue to the next episode before credits finish, and it drops out of full screen when you do start the next episode. This alone is super annoying when using a computer as your media device.

Plus there isn’t an option to go back to the main Disney+ menu once a series or movie finishes. A couple very simple things would make the experience so much better.

It only took 4 months on what was supposed to be a quick refresh. Ceiling is painted, walls are primed. New light fixtures are installed.

Picked up an Arduino project kit. I’m really looking forward to tinkering and learning with this. No real project plans yet.

Slowly making progress. Should be able to get primer on the walls this weekend, then strip some paint off the woodwork. After that is paint, flooring and final finish work.

I don’t get this very often, but such an enjoyment when I do. 🍺

I’ve moved from Dark Sky to iOS 15’s Weather. Everything is pretty great, except for the notification sounds for weather alerts. Why does it use the same ding as a new voicemail? Who okayed that?

Original door back in its doorway. Need to adjust the frame a bit, but vertically the spacing is good.