Sometimes it’s the little things. We’ve had this coat rack for a few years now, but it’s never been hung because it was way too long to fit anywhere useful. This summer I took it apart, and cut 3in off both ends, and installed next to the dining room door.

Remember when the Macy’s Day Parade wasn’t a giant ad for Verizon? I think I’ve seen more ads for Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband than parade floats, at about a 5:1 ratio, if not higher. And this AR stuff is obnoxious.

Bought an empty ink bottle to swap from the horribly useless squat Sailor bottles. This new bottle is so much nicer.

Part of my Fountain Pen Day order arrived. Still one more package on the way.

Yesterday morning I had zero typewriters. Picked up the Coronet from my parent’s last night, and found a second, the 88, from Craigslist this afternoon.

Pumpkins carved, we had fun doing these. Didn’t get a chance to carve any last year.

In the process of writing a snail mail letter today, I managed to write two fountain pens empty.

Anyone else smash a smoke alarm until it stops beeping after going off for absolutely no reason 4 times in an hour and the silence button does nothing? I can’t be the only one.

Finally got time to tear into the Moonlander’s drivetrain issue. Turns out 7 years of riding in all kinds of conditions and numerous miles has finally killed the X7 derailleur. Time to order a clutched derailleur.

Wrapping up a journal entry. This has been a daily habit for the past few years.

What’s the easiest way to tell if a room used to be a bathroom? Look for the toilet shaped hole under the carpet.

New pen and ink day!

Time to get out for a mountain bike ride. It’s been about 2 weeks since my last ride, and I’ve been eager to get back out.

Looking up on someone looking down.

It’s a cherry blueberry jam type of night.

Oh, hmm, imagine that. Apple’s line of “we apply the rules to all developers evenly” was a load of lies.

Ran across this little guy on our evening walk yesterday.

So much for Google Docs being editable anywhere on any device. I can no longer edit from the browser on iOS, even if I click Use Desktop Browser. They want me to download the app to edit.

Pulled off all the no-coin locks on the gumball mechanism. It feels like it should, heavy initial spin, then free spin. Won’t need a jar of nickels next to it now.

Komet Gumball Mechanism

Took apart the gumball machine to start cleaning it. Interesting mechanism. The piece on the right prevents back spinning, and both the left pieces engage if you try to spin without a coin. Plus a 3rd no-coin lock when its all out together. Seems pretty complicated for a nickel machine.

Our first harvest of peppers out of the garden.

Got a nickel gum ball machine. Need to clean it up, refresh it, not sure on colors yet, and fill it with skittles. I can adjust it so it will dispense a handful of skittles at a time.