Old steam trains are fascinating. This one was used for a 1/3 mile back and forth between two lakes in the Adirondacks to connect two steam boat trips.

The Adirondacks are perfect this time of year.

New mouse day. Picked up a Logitech MX Ergo for work. It’s been ages since I’ve used a trackball, but it’s pretty comfy so far.

iOS 15s Weather app is a huge improvement. I’ve been using the widget since installing iOS 15, and it’s pretty nice. I’ve pulled Dark Sky off the home screen, and will test this for a few more days, but I think I may delete Dark Sky soon.

New pen day! A Karas EDK, with their dragonscale grip, in dark teal. 🖋

Coming soon1 to this space, 1st floor laundry.

  1. Actual timeline is unknown, due to life and upcoming holiday season. [return]

New mural in the village to celebrate 150 years.

This is actually one of the better looking wallpapers that was in the house when we bought it.

Did someone order a bloomin onion?

I’ve discovered a method to fix holes in plaster walls, at least according to one of the previous owners of our house. Masking tape over the hole, then paint. The hole will disappear. #oldhousethings.

More work on the house. Pulled out the false wall in the front hallway that gave my office a poor closet. Things look much better now.

It’s a dice and pens kind of day. 🖋

When your Xbox 360 Elite stops reading 90% of your game discs, you don’t throw it out. You tear it apart and see if cleaning the optical drive fixes the problem.

A bit of bright orange ink to brighten up the workday. 🖋

Finished reading: Doors Of Eden by Adrian Tchaikovsky 📚

Really interesting sci-fi story, this one had me hooked. Tchaikovsky has written another fantastic book.

Played April of Pandemic Legacy again last night. Managed to win this time, although yellow got pretty rough. Looking forward to playing May next time we get together. 🎲

Today’s fountain pen. A Franklin-Christoph 20 special edition with a fine cursive italic nib, inked up with Franklin-Christoph Ink ‘19. 🖋️

We’ve got peppers growing.

Just in case anyone was wondering if the OEM Subaru remote car starter worked at a decent distance, yes. From at least 500 ft away. Thanks kid.

New monitor means new desk setup. Work on the left with my laptop in clamshell mode. Home on the right.

Currently reading: Doors Of Eden by Adrian Tchaikovsky 📚

Pulled the drawers out of my tool box and found 2 missing 9mm sockets!

Dad brought his drone over and we were able to get an aerial of the creek and wash out behind the garage.

It happened again. Another bottle of ink emptied. Vintage Montblanc Black this time. 🖋

Over 3 inches of rain in the past 48 hours. The creek behind our house is high, and we lost some backyard. It’s getting pretty close to the garage.