A very welcome sight this morning. Equipment has arrived and work on the creek relocation project has started. A year and two weeks since the bank washed away and collapsed behind our garage.

Currently reading: Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout 📚

We are now 4. Mom and baby are both doing very well. I think #2 will be more giant than #1. The lack of sleep in the newborn stage still sucks. Hard to believe it’s been a week already.

I’ve been an Alfred App user since they first launched. I just set up my first Snippets today, for git, and why haven’t I looked at this before? It is super useful.

Double batch of strawberry rhubarb jam. Our kitchen smells amazing right now.

It’s a great time for the internet. Not so great for the banks that are stuck on 1998 technology.

Finally caught this guy after it was teasing us for quite some time. Glad it’s not in our backyard anymore.

Good mail day! Thanks @jean.

Stage Manager might be my favorite new MacOS feature. #WWDC2022

It only took almost 6 months, but I’ve finally written my Moonman C1 empty. 🖋

New tech gadget has arrived!

This morning brought to you by Jack Roger’s self titled first album.

Got out for a bike ride early this evening. The weather was perfect and the trails were fast. 🚵‍♂️

I switched my VS Code font library to Press Start 2P last week, and I absolutely love it. Retro style, and with Dracula, readability is high.

I’ve learned more Terminal commands in the last 4 weeks than the previous 20 years of computer usage. I kinda like it.

Almost ready for a new journal. I have about a week or two worth of blank pages left in this one. Pen is an Aurora Optima. 🖋

April snows.

Currently reading: The Department of Rare Books and Special Collections by Eva Jurczyk 📚

I’ve been using this Ducky One 2 Mini mechanical keyboard on a Windows device for so long, I keep hitting the wrong shortcuts now that its plugged into a Mac.

I’ve wanted some succulents for a while now, finally got a pair. Would love some for my office too, but need to fix and reconfigure so they aren’t where a troublesome cat can’t reach them.

Last Friday of corporate life. Only 4 days remain.

Career change started today. Sent in my notice of resignation with my current job. I’ll be moving from Business ERP implementation to embedded software development. Looking forward to getting back to coding, and the significant pay increase certainly helps.

Gadgets. An ESP32 development board.

Universal Control reminds me of the old Teleport preference pane from the mid-2000s. I used that a ton with my G4 iBook and iSight iMac.

New pen day! A Kasama Una, with a medium architect nib and inked up with Waterman Inspired Blue. 🖋