Day 4 of working at home. I no longer want to be in my office after 5 PM. I log off the VPN, lock my computer and leave the office.

It is strange seeing family and pets when I leave my office for coffee, food, etc, but I have been pretty good about keeping everything separated.

My new home office setup. We’ve been told to work from home for the next couple of weeks at least. This has been an interesting couple of days to say the least. It will be weird working at home.

Picked up a few pints of Sip Hops Hooray from Good Nature Brewing this weekend. Really liked the can label so I decided to peal it off and stick it in my notebook. I think being able to buy label stickers would be pretty cool.

Incowrimo update, I managed to get 10 letters written during February. Better than I expected, but pretty far off from previous years.

New keyboard day for work. Ducky One 2 Mini Pure White with Kailh Box White switches. Big improvement over the Cooler Master Storm TKL with Cherry Reds I’ve been using.

Dungeons and Dragons tonight! 🐉

Took Moose down to the local baseball field. It’s all fenced in so he can run to his heart’s content. We don’t do this often, but the sidewalks are all ice so this was much safer.

I must be doing something right if the baby can go from listening to Black Sabbath, to AC/DC, to In Flames and be happy and smiling.

I found out why Apple doesn’t replace keyboards in retina MacBook Pros. Because they designed it with rivets instead of screws.

Apple’s independent repair thing is a hot pile of shit. I repair 10-20 Apple devices a year locally, and would love to get OEM parts, but apparently I’d have to open a commercial business, and send Apple all my customer’s info, and not repair non-Apple devices.