New Zealand Kiwi 1p

Kiwi & Cabbage Palm

Originally issued 1 May, 1935. This 1p stamp from New Zealand features a kiwi and cabbage palm.

US Postage 8¢ Grant

8¢ Grant

Originally issued in 1923. Cancelled in Philadelphia, PA.

Well Stamped InCoWriMo Letter

InCoWriMo Letter

I received this InCoWriMo letter yesterday from a writer in California. I love the collection of vintage postage stamps all over the envelope!

Old stamps have character and class that modern stamps just can't touch, and this envelope is loaded with character. I'd have to say that the 6¢ red & blue Airmail stamp on the right is my favorite out of the bunch.

Peru Fishing Boat

1862 Fishing Boat

Originally issued in 1952, Peru. Cancelled in Peru(?).

Fishing boat and primary fish

InCoWriMo Results

InCoWriMo is over. It was a blast. Over the month I wrote 41 letters, and received 27 letters (I do expect that a few will trickle in over the next month or so). Many of the letters I received were from new people, but some were replies from letters I sent, and my usual penpals.

I got to see new inks, papers, and some beautiful handwriting. A few international letters came in. I sent only a few international letters, Australia, Slovakia, Wales, and Canada, and received some from Australia, and the Netherlands. Most of my letters incoming and outgoing were domestic letters. Next year I'll put my address up on the InCoWriMo website, this year I only shared it on the FPGeeks forum.

I expect I'll keep writing to many of the people that wrote to me. I'll respond to any letters I receive. Analog correspondence is much better than anything online.

If you'd still like a letter, hit up the contact page and send me your mailing address.

US Postage 1959 Arctic Explorations

Arctic Explorations 1959

Date of first issue: 6th April, 1959. Standard cancellation mark.

Conquest of the Arctic by land by Rear Admiral Robert Edwin Peary in 1909 and by sea by the submarine “Nautilus” in 1958.