InCoWriMo 2016

InCoWriMo or International Correspondence Writing Month, is almost here. For February, write one letter a day, every day, all month long. I participated last year and had a blast, and will be sending out letters again in February.

It is "vintage social media," and I recommend taking part. Don't expect an answer to every letter you write, but I'm sure some people will respond. I reply to every letter that comes in my mailbox.

Postcard: View of Budapest

View of Budapest

Postcard: Lake George

Lake George

Posted Aug 6th 1951 from Lake George, NY

I'm not dead yet. Yes, I've been neglecting this space, but for good reason. In October we bought an old Victorian house, and this summer we've been planning on gutting the second floor to update the electrical, insulation, and bathroom. Plus we're able to change the floor plan slightly and add closets to the bedrooms.

Well we've since started and have been very busy. Demolition took two weekends, and pre-demo prep took a good amount of time because we pulled off all the original moldings to save. The new walls are up, and we are getting ready to do electrical and plumbing work. After that is spray foam, and then we can start on the bathroom and our bedroom.

This past weekend we went to an estate auction, and picked up a few things. I found a box of vintage postcards, mostly unused, along with a nice stack of vintage "Via Air Mail" envelopes. This postcard was in that stack. A nice linen finish, but does have a small blemish in the middle of the photo.

Backwards Bicycle

I'm pretty sure I'd never be able to ride this bike, at least not without months, if not years of practice. My brain hurt just watching the video.

Somali Drummer

Originally issued in 1933. This unused stamp has a off center printing, and the colors are quite pretty in person.