Ghost is finally available to the public. WOW. I’m glad I tried this out. I won’t say it was easy. Setup intially was far from easy. I followed three different tutorials this morning trying to get Ghost installed on my new Digital Ocean VPS. Each time I failed to get something correct and it didn’t work. Did I mention that I’m new at working with a VPS?

Then I found out that Ghost and Digital Ocean were working together to create an easy install method using one of Digital Ocean’s droplets. So I waited. They did a fantastic job. Install the droplet as your new server and you only need to change a few settings to personalize the install to your domain.

Yesterday I was on Anchor, today Ghost. Which do I think is better? Well, I’m sticking with Ghost. Aside from a difficult installation, I think Ghost is very well done, and will have many more developers behind it. There are already numerous well done themes available to Ghost users. I’m currently using the N-Coded theme.

I’m looking forward to watching Ghost improve over time.