I love board games, and I’ve been slowly building a collection. I picked up Small World probably two years ago. Small World is a world domination type game where you play as fantasy races. Each race has their own racial power, and they each get a special power at the start of the game. The board is never large enough for all the races to occupy it peacefully. After the first few turns, it turns into a cutthroat race to kill off as many of your opponents characters as possible.

I like to describe the game as like Risk (but not enough that you want to kill your friends or throw the board) with a little Settlers of Catan thrown in. Games also usually only last 60-90 minutes so you don’t have to devote an entire weekend to one game.

No two games are the same as the special powers are seperate from the races. Each stack gets shuffled independently of each other, and there are more special powers than races. After a few games there will be a few combos you’ll be on the lookout for. The Stout Ghouls, Fortified Trolls, and Flying Giants are quite fun.


Small World is probably our most played game. My mother-in-law very much likes it. Games with my in-laws turn into a brutal game of not letting my mother-in-law win. At least for me. My wife and father-in-law just play like they normally would. No matter the outcome, we all have fun, and usually reset the board for a 2nd or 3rd game.

I highly recommend adding Small World to your board game library. Fun for most ages, the recommended age is 8 and up. Small World was featured on Table Top with Will Wheaton. Watch the show and get an idea of how it’s played and if you’d like it.