I finished taking everything apart. The only thing I’m not taking apart is the transmission. I just don’t want to deal with that at the moment. Plus it worked fine last time I ran the truck, and it still spins freely.

I need to find some denatured alcohol to clean out the engine gunk. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a reasonably sized container this weekend. The smallest container I found locally was a gallon, I only realistically need one cup at most. I started the cleaning procedure of the rest of the truck. During disassembly, I put all the screws back into whatever piece they came out of, so that way I wouldn’t forget where they came from, and I wouldn’t lose them.

To clean everything, I have to remove the screws then scrub it clean. I drove this truck in some pretty gross conditions. So much dirt and grime, and the exhaust side of the truck is even worse, due to running the engine slightly rich, and having dirt and dust cling to the exhaust waste.

I’m hoping to get most of it cleaned up this upcoming week and to order replacement parts soon. The denatured alcohol will be coming in this week, and I’ll be able to clean out the engine. Hopefully I’ll be able to get everything back together and working in a few weeks.