Just spent 20 minutes taking apart the vacuum trying to figure out why the roller wasn’t working. After taking the roller bit all apart, I figured out the issue was actually the roller cutoff switch in the handle. At least I got to clean all the strings and crap off the roller.

On the walk home. We got our first snow yesterday, and it seems to be sticking through the start of the weekend.

I’m looking forward to trying this, I love normal Kraken, and this smells delicious, but I’m not sure what I want to mix it with. I don’t think rum and coke with this rum is the right answer.

Took Moose for a walk after work and decided to play with the new cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro. Wow is this a fantastic camera. 📷

Today is Election Day, I voted, did you?

Played D&D for the first time in several years. Online game, using Roll20, Teamspeak, and real dice. It was a blast, and I look forward to our next session. 🎲🐲

Picked up Rogue Legacy from the App Store yesterday. I’m pretty horrible at it, but it is a great pick up and play 5 minutes game. This is the best I’ve done so far!

With a new baby in the house, Muenster doesn’t get much lap time, so he enjoys every minute he can.

This isn’t something we normally see in central New York.

Just realized I have no pumpkin or Octoberfest beers in the fridge. 🍻

Office outing for lunch, haven’t bowled in forever but it should be fun!!

Even without Deep Fusion, low light photos on the iPhone 11 Pro are very impressive. I can’t wait to see how much it is improved. I probably will pick up the Halide camera app soon.

“Oh, dad has food, I like food!” 🐶

Pearl has claimed this as her new home. You’d think she was homeless.

After holding a 6# baby all week, all our cats feel like they weight 30#.


My current journal(left) is almost full, so I stickered up the new one in preparations for starting it.

I was checking out the new Apple Maps in my neighborhood and noticed something strange, there seemed to be a gap where there should be houses. I’m guessing Apple is using machine learning to spot and mark houses on the new maps, but it looks like trees foil things.


The start of the death of the iPod Classic is coming. I’ve used one in my car since I started driving. My current one I picked up in 2012 when I had one due on me right before a big road trip. It works ok in our 2017 Subaru Outback, but we test drove a new 2020 Outback this weekend, and the car didn’t recognize the iPod at all.

We tested with both an OEM cable and 3rd party but neither got the car to recognize the iPod. Sure it still works great as a stand-alone iPod, although it could use a new battery, after spending the last 7 years sitting in a car. Unfortunately the Classic doesn’t exist anymore, only iPhones or iPod Touches, so my new iPhone is a 256GB version to replace the Classic’s function in the car as music storage, on top of CarPlay GPS usage.

Placed my order for a new phone, big upgrade from my 6S+. Really looking forward to the new cameras and screen. I’m hoping Apple is over estimating the delivery dates and it arrives sooner, as we have a big day (👶) in the middle of the month.

I seem to have a thing for bright green. TWSBI Eco, and a custom Benchmade Mini “Grip”.


Enjoying a nice game of Potion Explosion! 🎲

The new volume overlay (that tiny bar on the top left) might be one of my favorite iOS 13 changes. The new silent toggle overlay is really nice as well.📱

Muenster is annoyed I won’t let him on the table to eat my dinner. Which I’ve never done. 🐱

The D&D 5e collection grows. Just added Xanathar’s and Mordenkainen’s. 🐲

Packing up the D&D stuff for this weekend. Probably not going to play, but it will be nice to refresh the rules and maybe build up a couple characters. 🎲🐉