Apple announced the release of their latest version of OS X today, version 10.9 Mavericks. There are plenty of new features, including Maps and iBooks for the desktop. I’m not going to bore myself writing a review, there are plenty of those across the internet. What surprised me most about Mavericks was the price.

When Snow Leopard was released in 2009 it was $29. The version prior, 10.5 Leopard was $129. Lion followed Snow Leopard and was released originally digital only for $29. With Mountain Lion, it dropped to $19.

Today’s OS X version is $0. It’s a free upgrade. If you are running Snow Leopard, you can download and install Mavericks for free, no need to purchase Lion or Mountain Lion. I’m really wondering what Microsoft thinks about this, considering they sell their OSes for a much higher price, and aren’t usually improvements.