Since starting my blog/website back up, I’ve enjoyed using Ghost. It’s well designed, works decently, and does exactly what I need. But in a time when money counts, 10 Centuries is a much better deal. $12 a year for 10 Centuries, versus $60 for Ghost is a decent amount.

I signed up for 10 Centuries a few days ago to try it out. It is pretty impressive. Markdown support, use your own domain, custom css. It is the perfect blogging website. I’m very tempted to switch, and it wouldn’t take much to transfer everything over. Maybe I’ll play around a bit more with 10 Centuries before I make my final decision. I really like the idea behind Ghost, but 10C is extremely enticing.

I’ve started customizing a one of the 10C themes with custom CSS. I had recently found the Solarized color scheme when trying to find a better color theme for Visual Basic programming.

Black on white just wasn’t cutting it for contrast and readability. Solarized is perfect for a webpage. It has both a light and dark color scheme, and they compliment each other. The idea is to create a theme with the sidebar using the dark colors and the main content to be light.

Accent colors will be the same no matter the background color, as they work well on either color. Readability should be high, while still being easy on the eyes. Of course, I could also make a Ghost theme based on Solarized.