The start of the death of the iPod Classic is coming. I’ve used one in my car since I started driving. My current one I picked up in 2012 when I had one due on me right before a big road trip. It works ok in our 2017 Subaru Outback, but we test drove a new 2020 Outback this weekend, and the car didn’t recognize the iPod at all.

We tested with both an OEM cable and 3rd party but neither got the car to recognize the iPod. Sure it still works great as a stand-alone iPod, although it could use a new battery, after spending the last 7 years sitting in a car. Unfortunately the Classic doesn’t exist anymore, only iPhones or iPod Touches, so my new iPhone is a 256GB version to replace the Classic’s function in the car as music storage, on top of CarPlay GPS usage.