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L.A. Noire

I finally finished L.A. Noire on my 360 recently. Yes, the L.A. Noire that was released back in 2011. What took so long? I got tired of trying to figure out what the facial expressions were supposed to mean.


The game is beautiful and I loved that the cars drove like wallowing whales, which is what I expect they actually drive like. I know the game was developed especially around the facial features, but the interrogations were the hardest part of the game for me. It frustrated me to the point of needing 3 years to finish the game.


I’m going to keep the game, and will probably play it again in the future as the story is pretty good. But honestly, if it wasn’t a Rockstar game, I’d probably not have bought it.

Dungeon Crush Farm®™

The future of video games has been described by Bill Amend in a recent Foxtrot comic.



PIXELS by Patrick Jean from ONE MORE on Vimeo.


Nintendo is an awesome company. They’ve produced numerous unique games and gaming systems over the years. While their more recent offerings haven’t really appealed to me, I’d love to be able to play the games I grew up playing on my iPhone.

Classic Zelda, Mario, or Pokemon would be awesome to play on my iPhone. I know there are apps that will play the roms if I jailbreak my iPhone, but I’d like offical apps. I think there are plenty of people like me that would pick up everything Nintendo released on iOS just because of the nostalgia.

I know this isn’t the best strategy for Nintendo. It would be fantastic though. I’d like to play Pokemon Blue again, but I don’t want to try to hunt down a gameboy and a game cartridge. I have a perfectly capable device in my pocket, I just need Nintendo to give me the goods.

I’d also welcome a new, modern console from Nintendo. I don’t want a gimmicky WiiU, I want a nice console, with excellent 1st and 3rd party games. Games like classic Mario, Zelda, etc, plus others like Goldeneye, Time Splitters, and Super Smash Bros. Nintendo, people want to give you money, you just have to get them what they desire.

Grand Theft Auto 5

I finished the main story line of GTA V last night. WOW!! It is a fantastic game. Probably the best sandbox world game I’ve played in a while. This GTA was different though, because you are able to play as three seperate characters. Franklin, the inner city gang member that wants a better life, Traver, the perpetually drunk redneck asshole, and Micheal, the “successful” middle-aged “businessman”.

I found myself playing each character differently, each get played to best match their personalities. Trevor is probably the most fun to play as, because I’ll go out of my way to act out when playing as him. Random shootings, running people over, just acting as a drunk asshole.

Spoiler Alert

Devon Weston. I’m glad I kill him at the end. The first encounter with him left a bad taste in my mouth. I wanted to kill him the first time we met. What a complete piece of shit.

Now that the main story is over, it’s time to explore the few remaining parts of San Andreas, and finish up a few remaining missions. I still have spaceship parts to find and the love/murder notes. Lester’s assassination missions were also saved to maximize profits later.

I’ll probably play through again, this time changing up my heist decisions. It really is a spectacular game!

Legends of Grimrock

If you grew up with Mac computers in the late 80s and early 90s, you may remember an old game, Scarab of Ra! Scarab of Ra was a dungeon crawl type game that takes place in an Egyptian pyramid.

The goal was to find three pieces of treasure. The Crown, Staff, and Scarab of Ra. The maze through the pyramid starts at the top of the pyramid. Each level gets progressively larger as you venture deeper into the pyramid. It wasn’t just a maze though. There were also traps and enemies out to harm you. I was never able to beat the game, but I spent thousands of hours trying to find the three pieces of treasure.


Legend of Grimrock feels very much like Scarab of Ra with a bit of Dungeons and Dragons thrown in. In Grimrock you explore a dungeon trying to find your way out. You control a party of four adventurers, and have to travel a maze of corridors and rooms, all while looking out for guards and monsters trying to kill you.

I’ve had lots of fun playing so far, but I’ve died numerous times trying to explore. I’ll explore a large part of the dungeon and die, completely forgetting to save through the entire period. Queue repeat sequences, until I remember to save as I progress through the dungeon. I like this game, but replayability is somewhat low. It’s not a roguelike game like Scarab of Ra was, so the map will never change, but it does have a dungeon editor. There are plenty of custom player created dungeons on Steam.

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