Tiny Death Star

Star Wars makes everything better. Tiny Death Star is the newest game from NimbleBit. If you liked Tiny Tower, then you should like Tiny Death Star. Darth Vader and the Emperor need money to build the largest Death Star.

The game plays just like Tiny Tower, but everything has been given a Star Wars feel. Holographic menus, floors are all given names from the Star Wars universe.
I’ve played Tiny Tower quite a bit since it’s been released. I made it to 89 floors. Now that there is a Star Wars version, I doubt I’ll be playing plain Tiny Towers anymore.

Yes, Tiny Death Star is a freemium game, but its made in the usual NimbleBits fashion, and its easily playable without purchasing any IAP.


When Skitch first came out, I was a huge fan. It was an extremely useful app for quick editing and sharing images. You could resize, point things out, draw, etc on images.


Shortly after Skitch got taken over by Evernote, Skitch Version 2 came out. Version 2 was a huge step backwards. Numerous features got removed, the UI completely changed. It was a big fuckup of a release.

It seems that Evernote may have finally fixed and replaced most of the problems. On the 24th, version 2.7 was released, and is an improvement over the prior version.


It finally works like the original Skitch worked. It doesn’t beg you to sign up for Evernote every time you use it. It just works how it should.

I was extremely disappointed when version 2 was announced. So many important features gone. I’ve actually been using the original since version 2 came out because it was so useless. With the new v2.7, I’ve finally upgraded to the new app.

*Just a tip, moving an App Store application to the Desktop does not make it a safe storage place if you don’t want to upgrade it. I moved my verion 1.x copy of Skitch to the Desktop so it wouldn’t get overwritten when I downloaded the new version. It got overwritten anyways. Glad I made an archive of it before I clicked that download button.

Mavericks, OS X 10.9

Apple announced the release of their latest version of OS X today, version 10.9 Mavericks. There are plenty of new features, including Maps and iBooks for the desktop. I’m not going to bore myself writing a review, there are plenty of those across the internet. What surprised me most about Mavericks was the price.

When Snow Leopard was released in 2009 it was $29. The version prior, 10.5 Leopard was $129. Lion followed Snow Leopard and was released originally digital only for $29. With Mountain Lion, it dropped to $19.

Today’s OS X version is $0. It’s a free upgrade. If you are running Snow Leopard, you can download and install Mavericks for free, no need to purchase Lion or Mountain Lion. I’m really wondering what Microsoft thinks about this, considering they sell their OSes for a much higher price, and aren’t usually improvements.

Early 2011 MacBook Pro GPUs

Remember the Nvidia GeForce 8600MT graphics cards in the 2007-08 MacBook Pros? It may be happening again. It seems that many people with early 2011 MacBook Pros with the AMD Radeon 6490M, 6750M, and 6970M GPUs are having issues while using the discrete graphics. There are a few threads on the Apple Discussion forums about the issue. It seems that the majority of the problem is the discrete graphics and that the problem appears after switching to the descrete graphics.

This is bad because my main machine is an early 2011 MBP with a Radeon 6490M. I haven’t had any issues. Yet. I hope it stays that way also. If this becomes a widespread issue, I hope it becomes big enough so that history repeats itself and the warranty gets extended. I didn’t purchase AppleCare when I got this machine. (Truthfully, I haven’t bought AppleCare for any of the Macs I’ve bought because I usually end up voiding the warranty shortly after I get them.)

After hearing about this, I’m actually quite surprised I haven’t had any issues yet. I switch between the integrated and discrete graphics frequently. I do game some on this machine and the 6490M does get used a decent amount. Plus, some apps aren’t coded well and “need” the descrete graphics even though they don’t do any fancy graphical artwork. Seriously Adobe, why the fuck does Brackets require the discrete graphics? It’s a text editor.

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