Moose: A Christmas Dog

We got a dog for Christmas this year. Ashley’s sister-in-law called me to tell me that the Broome County Humane Society had a Saint Bernard that would be going up for adoption the following day. I’ve been wanting a St. Bernard for a while, but we weren’t in any rush to adopt a dog.

I decided that we’d at least go visit him, without telling Ashley why we’re driving to Binghamton. We got to the humane society before they opened, so we filled out an adoption application before even meeting him. Turns out, we were the 3rd to fill out an application for him. In our short visit with him, we met a well behaved and very loveable St. Bernard. We told the humane society staff that we’d love to take him today if possible. Later that afternoon, we got a call asking if we’d like to bring him home.

He is now called Moose, came with the name Maurice, but it didn’t fit him at all. He’s just over a year old, and very well behaved. Walks great on a leash, and we’ve been working on other skills. He learns quick. He loves his new family and has adjusted quite well.







This is how much of a bum Muenster is. If he’s not curled up on me, he’s curled up on a blanket.


On November 10th, 2008, I adopted to world’s awesomest cat. I know he is the world’s awesomest cat because I’ve been living with him for the past 5 years. An orange and white long haired tom cat I named Muenster. Muenster like the cheese, not the TV show.


At the time, I worked at a veterinary clinic and one of our clients found hime with a litter of matching kittens behind a local gas station. She had already adopted out the kittens, but still needed a home for him. I brought him home that evening and he’s been happy ever since.


He acts like a dog trapped in a cat’s body. He knows when I get home and runs to the door to greet me. He waits for me to finish eating dinner, then climbs in my lap to sleep. When I pick him up, he puts his arms around my neck in a hug and nuzzles my face. He has to sleep on me at night. He really is the world’s awesomest cat. No one that has met him can say otherwise.

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