Ello: My Thoughts

Ello is the new kid on the block. A new social networking site, similar to Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is brand new, still in early alpha/beta stages. No mobile apps yet. The web interface is the only way to use it at the moment.

Ello currently (who knows, this could change), promises to be ad free and to be free to use with premium features. For the internet’s sake, I hope Ello grows and succeeds. We need more options from the giants of Twitbook.

App Dot Net was a great idea, and I loved it, but it is about over. Sure there are still many people using it, and the servers are still up, but it isn’t growing. There will never be new features. It will continue to sit there, stagnating until enough users leave and it shuts down.

Ello, please don’t fuck up. We, the internet, need you.

If you’d like to join Ello, message me for an invite at @sgtstretch on either ADN or Twitter.

Goodbye Facebook

I’ve been putting it off for a while now, but finally went in and deactivated my Facebook account. Why? Because FUCK Facebook.


No, I don’t plan on coming back soon. In fact, I never plan on coming back. Facebook’s sole purpose in life is to mine your data. If you decide not to delete your account, just remember you could be part of a psychological experiment.

Ghost vs 10 Centuries

Since starting my blog/website back up, I’ve enjoyed using Ghost. It’s well designed, works decently, and does exactly what I need. But in a time when money counts, 10 Centuries is a much better deal. $12 a year for 10 Centuries, versus $60 for Ghost is a decent amount.

I signed up for 10 Centuries a few days ago to try it out. It is pretty impressive. Markdown support, use your own domain, custom css. It is the perfect blogging website. I’m very tempted to switch, and it wouldn’t take much to transfer everything over. Maybe I’ll play around a bit more with 10 Centuries before I make my final decision. I really like the idea behind Ghost, but 10C is extremely enticing.

I’ve started customizing a one of the 10C themes with custom CSS. I had recently found the Solarized color scheme when trying to find a better color theme for Visual Basic programming.

Black on white just wasn’t cutting it for contrast and readability. Solarized is perfect for a webpage. It has both a light and dark color scheme, and they compliment each other. The idea is to create a theme with the sidebar using the dark colors and the main content to be light.

Accent colors will be the same no matter the background color, as they work well on either color. Readability should be high, while still being easy on the eyes. Of course, I could also make a Ghost theme based on Solarized.

Ghost 0.4

Ghost 0.4 came out this morning. As I’m checking out 10 Centuries as an alternative. I decided to pull the trigger tonight and do the update, hoping it will go better than the previous update.

Following the update guide from Digital Ocean, everything went smoothly. No issues. It took about 5 minutes total. It was actually much quicker than updating my Mac Mini to Mavericks.

Currently, I’m leaning more toward keeping my blog on Ghost instead of switching to 10 Centuries.

Welcome to Ghost

Ghost is finally available to the public. WOW. I’m glad I tried this out. I won’t say it was easy. Setup intially was far from easy. I followed three different tutorials this morning trying to get Ghost installed on my new Digital Ocean VPS. Each time I failed to get something correct and it didn’t work. Did I mention that I’m new at working with a VPS?

Then I found out that Ghost and Digital Ocean were working together to create an easy install method using one of Digital Ocean’s droplets. So I waited. They did a fantastic job. Install the droplet as your new server and you only need to change a few settings to personalize the install to your domain.

Yesterday I was on Anchor, today Ghost. Which do I think is better? Well, I’m sticking with Ghost. Aside from a difficult installation, I think Ghost is very well done, and will have many more developers behind it. There are already numerous well done themes available to Ghost users. I’m currently using the N-Coded theme.

I’m looking forward to watching Ghost improve over time.

Hello world!

Lorem ipsum goes here right? Just to make it look like I wrote more than I did. This is the reintroduction of my blog. It’s been a long time since I’ve actually bothered to do anything like this. I first started a blog on Blogger. Blogger was a pretty poor experience, and I highly doubt it has gotten any better. After Blogger came WordPress. WordPress was night and day better than Blogger.

Of course this was back in WordPress’s infancy, before it became a huge overly bloated piece of software. WordPress let you do so much and it was simple to use. But I got tired of WordPress because it grew too much. It had to do everything. And because it had to do everything, it got overly complicated and bloated.

After WordPress, I moved on to Tumblr. I joined Tumblr before it first exploded, so I got to experience first-hand their growing pains. Including the several days of downtime and stability issues. Tumblr was fun though. It was social blogging. Easy to share and follow your friends and interests. Then life happened and I just about stopped blogging all together.

After life, Tumblr got bought out by Yahoo!. Yahoo! the destroyer of things. Tumblr suddenly wasn’t worthwhile anymore. Sure I still have my Tumblr account, but I won’t be using it as a blogging platform. It will just be a collection of random things I find on the internet. Recently I decided that I’d like to start blogging again. So began the search for the desired blogging platform. I’ve found numerous Dropbox based platforms, like, but that wasn’t something I was really impressed with. Next up were flat-file systems. Octopress and Statamic are two of the big ones I found. They still weren’t what I was looking for.

Then Ghost and Anchor popped up. Ghost is a Kickstarter project and isn’t currently available to the public, but is supposed to be available on 14/10/2013. But Ghost looks beautiful. I’m eagerly awaiting to try it out. In the meantime, I’ve set up Anchor as the current blogging platform. Anchor is sleek, but it does need work. It took me 4 tries to get it installed and working properly. Documentation is a little vague at parts. Also be prepared to dig into the themes. It seems that most of the theme authors for Anchor haven’t bother to remove their unique customization from it. All the themes I installed all had hard coded links to their other web profiles, or even their websites.

Anyways, here I am. Here is my new blog. Tomorrow I hope to get Ghost set up and try that out. Then I’ll decide whether or not to stay with Anchor or setup Ghost as the permanent blog software.

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