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Apple Beta Program

Apple has announced that anyone can join download and install beta versions of OS X. You’ll no longer need a paid Apple Developer account. This means anyone can and will be able to download the beta OS X versions.

This means anyone will be able to download beta versions of OS X. This is bad. Every year, after WWDC and the new version of iOS is announced and the beta is released, people scour the internet looking for the beta iOS and will pay a few dollars to join someone’s developer account just the use the newly released beta on their iPhones. The beta that is loaded with bugs and broken features. These people then proceed to complain about their phone not working properly.

I can see why Apple wants to allow more people to test the software, but if the people using the program are just doing it to get the beta, and don’t treat it as such, Apple isn’t going to get any benefit.

Spring 2014 Bike Ride

I was finally able to get out and go for a bike ride. First time on the bike since January. Beautiful weather is finally arriving in central NY. I attempted to ride a few days ago but there was still too much snow on the seasonal roads for my skinny tired Mamba.

This time I brought the freshly cleaned and tuned up Moonlander, and was very glad I did. The snow that was left was very soft. I ended up airing the tires down to about 3 psi just to get some decent traction through the snow. Just for reference, I normally ride around 5-6psi with 4.8in wide tires on the Moonlander.


I ended up riding for 6-7 miles as best as I could tell. I don’t have a computer on my bike to tell me exactly what I did, and while I carry my iPhone, I don’t run a GPS app either. It felt good to be back out on the bike again, and surprisingly, my legs and ass aren’t killing me.

The upcoming forecast has rain and some snow in the beginning of the week, but should clear up. I’d like to be able to get a few rides in this week.

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