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45Nrth Wolvhammer

My biggest complaint about winter biking is cold feet. Now that I converted to clipless pedals, I don’t like to trail ride with flat pedals. Wearing my regular snow boots on flats is even worse, as my feet were sliding all over the pedals.

If I wear my normal clipless shoes in the winter, my feet end up freezing, even with heavy wool socks. The steel plate in the bottom of the shoe, with an uninsulated shoe draws all the heat from your foot. Last time I rode in the winter with my clipless shoes, I nearly got frostbite on my toes.

Unfortunately, winter boots designed for clipless riding are expensive. They all start over $200, and some are even more. That’s a lot of money for a pair of shoes that a purpose built and only used part of the year. Well, I broke down and ordered a pair of 45nrth Wolvhammer boots.


The Wolvhammers are the best rated winter boots for clipless riding. Several of my friends have them, and have replaced other clipless boots with Wolvhammers. I’m eagerly awaiting for next winter when I’ll be able to ride with warm feet.

Cold Rolled, Fatbiking in Marquette Michigan

COLD ROLLED-Full Length Film from Clear & Cold Cinema on Vimeo.

Fantastic film about the origins of fatbiking and winter biking in Marquette, Michigan.

Radio Shack Is Slowly Dying

Radio Shack is planning on closing 1100 of their worst performing stores. I’m actually surprised they aren’t closing all the stores. I’d classify Radio Shack as equal to, if not worse than Walmart. It’s a last ditch option to visit Radio Shack.

Radio Shack used to be a useful store, back when they sold electronic components and had knowledgeable staff. Now they aren’t competing with anyone except themselves. They sell shitty electronic devices with higher prices and cell phones. The sales staff know nothing and are extremely pushy.

The last time I visited a Radio Shack, I went in to get a HDMI cable. (Yes, I know Radio Shack was a stupid place to go, but I was out of town setting up a entertainment center and it was the closest place that I figured would have it.) The pushy salesman asked if I wanted an extended warranty, for a fucking HDMI cable, which either works or doesn’t. After repeated failed attempts to get me to buy it, he switched to pushing batteries.

Fuck that and fuck Radio Shack. I hope you die soon.

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