MonthFebruary 2014

Rdio, The Discovery of New Music

I’ve started to using Rdio at work so I have some music to listen to. I’ve been able to find lots of music that I love. But one of the best things I’ve found about Rdio is discovery.

Since I started using Rdio, I have found several new artists that I like. Every day I’m writing down a few albums to add to my iTunes library. I think since listening to Rdio, this has led to the largest growth of new artists my library has ever seen.

I hope Rdio continues to impress me and introduce me to new music.

Zenvo ST-1

Watch the Stig take the Zenvo ST-1 around the Top Gear Test Track. There isn’t much if any full throttle use on this lap. I know Zenvo wasn’t happy about Top Gear’s review, but their car did break twice, including catching fire one of those times.

I liked the car, but it seems to have a few issues to work out before it is publicly available.

Flash, Just Fucking Die Already

It has been a few years since Flash has been declared dead. Yet it still refuses to give up and disappear. Adobe continues to push this shitty, inferior, bug-ridden software. It causes nothing but problems.

I had Flash installed on my Mac Mini that I use as a media center. Ashley wanted to watch live streams of the Olympics and it required Flash. Of course the live streams didn’t work, and I forgot to uninstall Flash afterwards.

My Mini had a Flash update today, and because Flash is such an unsecure, bug-ridden piece of shit, I ran the update. Well, par for the course with Adobe software, it failed to install and froze up my computer. I had to force shutdown and restart it. I then proceeded to uninstall Flash.

I can’t figure out why Flash is still required for everything/anything. If I can watch something on my iPhone without any issues, then I don’t need fucking worthless Flash to watch it on my computer.

To Jailbreak Or Not To Jailbreak

I’ve jailbroken every past iOS and iPhone I’ve had. Except for my iPhone 5S and iOS 7. There are some awesome jailbreak tweaks, and new ones are created every day. But as tempted as I am to jeailbreak, I’m also not tempted.

I think my biggest issue isn’t doing the jailbreak, or dealing with the chance that I’ll have an unstable device. My issue is going through the setup of all the tweaks I’d want to install. I know of several that I know I want to install, but then there are the hundreds and thousands of other apps, tweaks, and mods to sift through.

Last time I used Cydia, it still wasn’t a user friendly store (this may have changed recently). There is no way to sort out the awesome useful tweaks and apps from the shitty ones that only matter to three people because it does something extremely obscure.

I’ll probably end up breaking down and jailbreaking my iPhone. I really do miss some of the better tweaks, especially BiteSMS.

iTunes Access

I’d love to be able to listen to my iTunes library at work. I have a decent collection of songs in iTunes. Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy way to share iTunes libraries to remote computers.

I don’t want to use iTunes Match. I used to use Simplify Media but it appears to have been discontinued. Maintaining identical libraries on two computers sounds like a complete pain, especially since I don’t always bring home my work computer.

Sure, I could use on of the many streaming options, Pandora, Rdio, or Spotify, but I don’t want to pay to listen to the radio. I already have my music collection.

I just wish there was an easy way to stream my iTunes library to work.



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