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Ghost vs 10 Centuries

Since starting my blog/website back up, I’ve enjoyed using Ghost. It’s well designed, works decently, and does exactly what I need. But in a time when money counts, 10 Centuries is a much better deal. $12 a year for 10 Centuries, versus $60 for Ghost is a decent amount.

I signed up for 10 Centuries a few days ago to try it out. It is pretty impressive. Markdown support, use your own domain, custom css. It is the perfect blogging website. I’m very tempted to switch, and it wouldn’t take much to transfer everything over. Maybe I’ll play around a bit more with 10 Centuries before I make my final decision. I really like the idea behind Ghost, but 10C is extremely enticing.

I’ve started customizing a one of the 10C themes with custom CSS. I had recently found the Solarized color scheme when trying to find a better color theme for Visual Basic programming.

Black on white just wasn’t cutting it for contrast and readability. Solarized is perfect for a webpage. It has both a light and dark color scheme, and they compliment each other. The idea is to create a theme with the sidebar using the dark colors and the main content to be light.

Accent colors will be the same no matter the background color, as they work well on either color. Readability should be high, while still being easy on the eyes. Of course, I could also make a Ghost theme based on Solarized.

Ghost 0.4

Ghost 0.4 came out this morning. As I’m checking out 10 Centuries as an alternative. I decided to pull the trigger tonight and do the update, hoping it will go better than the previous update.

Following the update guide from Digital Ocean, everything went smoothly. No issues. It took about 5 minutes total. It was actually much quicker than updating my Mac Mini to Mavericks.

Currently, I’m leaning more toward keeping my blog on Ghost instead of switching to 10 Centuries.

Project RC Continues

I finished taking everything apart. The only thing I’m not taking apart is the transmission. I just don’t want to deal with that at the moment. Plus it worked fine last time I ran the truck, and it still spins freely.

I need to find some denatured alcohol to clean out the engine gunk. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a reasonably sized container this weekend. The smallest container I found locally was a gallon, I only realistically need one cup at most. I started the cleaning procedure of the rest of the truck. During disassembly, I put all the screws back into whatever piece they came out of, so that way I wouldn’t forget where they came from, and I wouldn’t lose them.

To clean everything, I have to remove the screws then scrub it clean. I drove this truck in some pretty gross conditions. So much dirt and grime, and the exhaust side of the truck is even worse, due to running the engine slightly rich, and having dirt and dust cling to the exhaust waste.

I’m hoping to get most of it cleaned up this upcoming week and to order replacement parts soon. The denatured alcohol will be coming in this week, and I’ll be able to clean out the engine. Hopefully I’ll be able to get everything back together and working in a few weeks.

HPI Savage

Back in 2009, I bought a HPI Savage, a 1/8th scale monster truck RC car. I beat the crap out of it. I ran into things, I took it off jumps. It flipped, rolled, and crashed. It didn’t stay upright very much.


I finally stopped running it because it sounded like it had a bad bearing. I didn’t know which once, and I couldn’t pinpoint which one it was. The plan was to buy a kit to replace all the bearings with new and better ones.


I never got around to it, so the truck just sat in the corner for a few years. After looking at RC cars again this week, I decided I wanted to get it running again. Turns out, there was still some nitro fuel in the engine from the last time I ran it. All that time sitting in the corner had gummed up the engine.

Complete RC teardown ensues. It is now in pieces on the dining room table. I need to order a few parts that were broken or missing, but I’m hoping that I can get the engine back together and get it running again.

Remote Control Cars

Remote control toys are fun. I could easily spend hours running my RC cars around the yard. I used to run several tanks of gas through my RC truck whenever I ran it. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do that recently due to a dead starter battery.

Today I watched a video of a RC Jeep that a guy mounted a snowplow to. He used to to clear the snow off of his sidewalk. His was an electric model, so it was no problem using it in a moist environment. It made me want to get my RC truck working again. At this point, I have no idea if just a new starter battery is all I need. It has been a few years since I last ran it.

I actually wouldn’t mind selling it and getting a smaller 1/10th scale truck. My current truck is a 1/8th monster truck and quite large. Larger also means replacement parts are more expensive.

Legends of Grimrock

If you grew up with Mac computers in the late 80s and early 90s, you may remember an old game, Scarab of Ra! Scarab of Ra was a dungeon crawl type game that takes place in an Egyptian pyramid.

The goal was to find three pieces of treasure. The Crown, Staff, and Scarab of Ra. The maze through the pyramid starts at the top of the pyramid. Each level gets progressively larger as you venture deeper into the pyramid. It wasn’t just a maze though. There were also traps and enemies out to harm you. I was never able to beat the game, but I spent thousands of hours trying to find the three pieces of treasure.


Legend of Grimrock feels very much like Scarab of Ra with a bit of Dungeons and Dragons thrown in. In Grimrock you explore a dungeon trying to find your way out. You control a party of four adventurers, and have to travel a maze of corridors and rooms, all while looking out for guards and monsters trying to kill you.

I’ve had lots of fun playing so far, but I’ve died numerous times trying to explore. I’ll explore a large part of the dungeon and die, completely forgetting to save through the entire period. Queue repeat sequences, until I remember to save as I progress through the dungeon. I like this game, but replayability is somewhat low. It’s not a roguelike game like Scarab of Ra was, so the map will never change, but it does have a dungeon editor. There are plenty of custom player created dungeons on Steam.

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